for my final, I was interested in the idea of subtle moving scenes. My original idea was to maybe do something with video work, the camera being set up and there being minor movements throughout the scene. Cinemagraphs was another idea I had, but when i heard of Displacement Mapping I was very interested in the idea of that. Displacement Mapping is an effect you create in After Effects, post specific Photoshop editing. 

In my final pieces I wanted to create a look of cinematic scenes, and the idea of putting movement back into still images. The images I selected for this project were images I felt would best showcase the potential of Displacement Mapping and images that posed a challenge for me to make them move in a manner so subtle that it would be unrecognizable at first. 

After creating the video files, I took what we learned in the course, and created the video files into gifs that play on loop, for an aesthetic that I wanted. I have posted the gifs to a website I created as well as part of my final. I purchased and own a custom domain. 

The gifs for my final can be scene at under the “motion” section. 

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For my final I would like to create cinemagraphs. I have an idea of doing very slow and subtle movements to a human subject in after effects. But I want to also create cinemagraphs with possibly multiple moving layers. I have an idea for green paint acting as a green screen? I’m still trying to narrow down my ideas but as of now definitely cinemagraphs and experiment as much as I can with them.
Assignment One

Im Nicholas Drew, I am from Southern California, just outside of LA. I found my way into photography through film, being interested in color and lighting, I took those interests into photographic stills. I shoot a lot with color lighting and enjoy using the human figure as a tool in a photograph. 

My expectations for this class are to expand my current knowledge in photoshop and other programs and learn more tools that allow me to digitally manipulate the appearance of my subjects. 

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